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Ecorex is a ground-breaking organization that has magically replaced clay bricks that are the reason for denudation to the cultivable soil with AAC blocks that are environmental friendly owing to their quality of being capable of recycle fly-ash, a waste generated in steel furnaces.

Environmental Benefits

AAC blocks enjoy various benefits over conventional clay bricks.


Fly-ash is used as the primary ingredient for manufacture of AAC block in comparison to clay brick that uses cultivable soil reducing forest area. The manufacturing process of the same involves at least 30% less energy and thus serves as a greener option.


Whether it is the manufacturing process of these blocks or application, Ecorex AAC consumes very less water. They have fewer joints and hence they don’t need long curing time, which reduces water requirement and makes them a preferred choice by the conservationists.

Water Consumption

Fly-ash is used as the primary ingredient AAC blocks are light weight and thus not only reduce the transportation cost but also help in reducing the pollution caused by the transport vehicles..

Maintainance of AAC Structures

AAC blocks have a very high thermal insulation index that enable them to retain their ambient temperature even if the external temperature changes. Hence structures made from AAC blocks are cooler in summers and warmer in winters; which means reducing the AC bill and heat requirements.