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Mortarex TM

Mortarex is a pre mixed mortar made from cement, graded sand and blended with polymers that make it a strong binding agent for aac blocks fly ash bricks and concrete blocks. The high strength and water retention properties of the mortar enhance the benefits of aac blocks even with layers as thin as 2-3mm. the conventional mortar is moist and causes aac blocks to absorb the moisture and create gaps in the masonry. This decereases the bond strength and completely nullifies the economical and ecological benefits of the aac blocks .on the other hand , mortarex ensures the building stays strong throughout. . mortarex replaces conventional cement and sand mix mortar.

Features And Advantages

No Shrinkage Cracks

Mortarex retain the water and prevents shrinkage cracks

Zero Material Wastage

Mortarex is the handy and convenient option to mortar as it is easy to apply and avoids wastage of material during the building process

Enhanced Thermal Insulation

The thin joints in mortarex prevent heat transfer through walls enhancing the existing benefits of the AAC blocks

High Coverage

The lower density and high volume enables a high coverage in a lesser amount of mortarex

Pocket Friendly

Laying blocks requires 3 times less amount of mortarex than conventional mortar, saving money, time and energy at the same time

Comes Premixed

Mortarex comes ready to use and doesn't require blending on-site, saving time and money

Technical Data

  • Density: 600 kg/cum (+/- 5%)
  • Initial setting time: 120 – 150 mins
  • Final setting time: 300 – 360 mins
  • Pot life: 3 hrs
  • Coverage*: 1.7CuM/40kgs bag
  • Shelf life**: 6 months

Application Instructions

Mixing Water:

Mortarex Powder = 0.22 to 0.24 by weight (8-8.5 Ltr l water per 40 kg bag).

Mixing Time:

3 minutes

Minimum Mixing Tool Mortarex must be mechanically mixed using a forced action mixer or in a clean container using a drill and mixing paddle ( below 500 rpm). A normal concrete mixer is not suitable. Mix thoroughly with clean water for a minimum of 3 minutes. Leave material to stand in container until the majority of bubbles have dispersed (minimum 5 minutes). Then remix the material for 15 seconds - the product is now ready for use.

Application Method:

If the substrate is very porous, if the temperature is high and/or the relative humidity low, it is advisable to dampen the surface.

Do not leave any standing water. Apply a thin uniform Layer of Mortarex 2 to 3 mm thick on the clean & leveled surface of masonry units using proper trowel Place the next course of masonry units on evenly jointing mortar bed in proper line & level.

Each masonry unit shall be properly bedded and set in position by gently pressing with handle of trowel. Inside unit of the masonry unit shall be applied with mortar before the next unit is laid & pressed against it especially in case of bricks.

Clean the excess material, if any immediately. Continue the procedure for the entire masonry work. Do not disturb the blocks /bricks setting for first 24 hours.

Cleaning of Tools:

Clean all tools and application equipment with water immediately after use. Hardened / cured material can only be removed mechanically

Frequently Asked Questions

MortarexMix is a blend of high-performance Cement with washed plaster sand. It provides rapid strength gain, high durability and low shrinkage. Use for horizontal, vertical, and overhead plaster and concrete projects. Simply mix with water and it will reach structural strength in one hour.
No. The high-performance properties come from the Cement in the mix.
Bonding agents are not required. Proper surface preparation is the main component in achieving a good bond. If bonding agents are desired, they should be used as a supplement to good surface preparation, not as a substitute.
Blending with other products may give unpredictable results and is not recommended. The use of it approved additives and various colors are acceptable.
Only 3-4mm thick layer is good enough for the purpose that gives high bonding strength.
Just add around 11-14ltr potablewater with a Mortarex bag. The use of a mechanical mixer such as a mortar mixer or drill mounted mixer is recommended. To maximize working time, organize work so that all people and equipment are in place before mixing.
Using traditional methods, place and strike-off to desired level. Mortarex is fast and does not bleed water so apply your final finish immediately after placing. Organize your tools and people so you can work quickly. On flat work, fill to full depth and proceed horizontally. Do NOT place in layers.
The objective of water curing is to maintain a wet surface until the product has achieved sufficient strength. Begin curing as soon as the surface has lost its moist sheen and continue for a minimum of 1 hour.
Roughen the surface and remove all damaged or contaminated concrete. Make sure the repair surface is not contaminated by oil, paint, acids, dirt or other materials that will prevent a good bond. Immediately prior to placement, saturate the repair surface with water then remove any standing water.
One bag of Mortarexyields approximately 1.7 cubic meter.
When stored in a dry location, in an undamaged package Mortarexhas a shelf life of 6 months.