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Edge ahead with the Ecorex Advantage

Ecorex takes pride in offering superior quality AAC Blocks coupled with the exceptional service. Every business initiative we undertake is at the heart of innovation.

Our in-house team of experienced professionals closely monitors the entire manufacturing process to deliver the unmatched precision at par with global standards and therefore, help achieve the company’s mission of assisting 25,000 buildings become safe, sustainable and strong with the use of AAC blocks by 31st March, 2021.

Now you can edge ahead with the Ecorex Advantage and take your business to the next level. This includes:

Cost Saving

Cost Saving



Provides Safety

Provides Safety



Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

  Manufacturing Process

Yet Another First from Ecorex

Ecorex Buildtech has many firsts to its credit. We have a unique distinction of being the first AAC Blocks manufacturer in Chhattisgarh, equipped with the state-of-the-art production facilities. We are the largest unit in the state located at Kharora-Tilda Road in Raipur, with an installed capacity of 1, 55,000 cum per annum. It is fully equipped with a calibrated laboratory for testing of raw materials and the finished product. Our team of seasoned engineers and experts ensure the entire processing stays uninterrupted at every level. The manufacturing process stringently complies with IS 2185 (Part3):1984. We are the first and only company with an ISI license in Central India. Sampling and Testing of raw materials and finished product is compliant with the BIS norms as stated in the article.

Our manufacturing process involves 6 important steps. These include:

  Raw Materials Preparation

The inspection of raw materials happens before they enter our manufacturing plant. These proceed to the next stage only when their quality is ascertained. Cement and Lime are stored to prevent the moisture. To ensure this, there is a separate pneumatic-based unloading system for raw materials.


Ecorex AAC Blocks are made of Fly-Ash Slurry, Ordinary Portland Cement, Quick Lime, Gypsum (Pop) and Aluminum Powder. The desired volume of each raw material is mixed by using a precise batching system for ensuring the consistency of every batch. Based on the respective test results, the material is batched accordingly to eliminate the variation in the batch quality.

  Mixing and Pouring

Each raw material is accurately and uniformly poured into big sized mold boxes using an automated mobile mixer. After the batches are poured into molds, they are monitored by our highly skilled and dedicated quality team to ensure its quality matches with the desired parameters.


Porous Green Cake is then cut into the required size using high tensile, low thickness wires to provide sharp and precise edges to the Ecorex AAC Blocks. The automated system precisely cuts the AAC Block vertically and horizontally for providing accurate dimensions.


Post cutting, the Porous Green Cake is subjected to the steam curing process in Autoclaves for 10-12 hours. This provides 12 bars of steam pressure at a temperature of 190-210. This Autoclaving process is responsible for the physical and chemical properties of Ecorex AAC Blocks.


This is the final step in the manufacturing process of Ecorex AAC Blocks. After Autoclaving, these AAC Blocks are separated with the help of automated Grab and Shift assembly process to minimize human intervention. After separation, the Final Product is then transferred to the stock yard using a chain conveyor system. After this, the Final Product is ready for dispatch.

  Research & Development

Driving customer delight is at the heart of every initiative we undertake at Ecorex. To achieve a leadership position in quality, price and delivery, we have significantly invested in technology to ensure error-free manufacturing. Our experienced Research and Development team comprising engineers closely monitors the entire manufacturing process to deliver the unmatched precision at par with global industry standards.

This ensures that every batch of our products is thoroughly inspected at the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Kharora-Tilda Road in Raipur across four stages – Inbound Stage, Processing Stage, Final Stage and ITR Stage, before final dispatch. This helps us provide our customers with value for money and an eco-friendly alternative to drive customer delight and create a greener, sustainable tomorrow.