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Who We Are

Ecorex Buildtech Pvt. Ltd. is a brain child of a team of dynamic young entrepreneurs with a strong desire to transform the Indian Construction and the Building Material industry by making it synonymous with the word - “Technology”. For you, we are crafting substantial savings in environment and construction cost. Our team works around the clock to lay a benchmark in quality, performance and delivery standards. This is fueled by our fire in the belly to be the leading manufacturers of building material across India.

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AAC Blocks

AAC Block

Ecorex AAC stands for Autoclaved Aerated Concrete blocks that are lightweight, resilient and hence the ideal building block for any construction. It is cured under high pressure steam that provides it with high strength.

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MortarexTM - Block Joining Adhesive

MortarexTM - Block Joining Adhesive

Mortarex is a premixed mortar made from blending together quality sand and cement and polymers that enable it to be the ideal and strongest fastening agent for AAC blocks. It is a very light weight, self curing, sand free ready.

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Technical Services

Technical Services

We conduct on-site survey to determine the amount of construction material. This aids in not only quantity assessment but also cost savings. Moreover, such surveys help in estimating the time of completion of the project too.

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What We Offer

At Ecorex, Technical Services are initiated to deliver more value to the recipient at no extra cost.

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Our Perspective

Our perspective and ideaology behind this venture was beyond the business prospects and was larlgely vested in use of technology for product development that yeilds more value towards a greener society.


Ecorex is India’s rapidly growing company focused on its core business of AAC Bricks, light weight concrete blocks and other green building materials. Being recognised as one of the most efficient and environment friendly organization, we long to contribute in terms of technology and making towards a greener environment.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the market leaders in construction material industry and operate by employing novel ideas for improving efficiency. In doing the same, we hope to spread happiness amongst everyone connected with us and simultaneously create wealth for our investors, employees, business associates and communities.

Our Mission

We aim to produce sustainable green products that are exemplar of performance and value pricing and at the same time encourage rewarding and continuing association with our clients and suppliers.

Our Gratitude

The challenges in product development & establishment gave us a good run of knowledge & experience, moreover we express our sincere thankfulness to our esteemed clients, for their faith & support, during the course & forever.

Why Us

  • On time delivery
  • Well trained professionals
  • Competitive prices
  • Long list of satisfied customers
  • Transparent business policies

Tones Fly Ash Consumed

Tones Co2 Emission Prevented

Litres Water Saved

Square ft. area constructed

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We shall be happy to assist you with your queries regarding the technology, usability, durability, quality, strength, life, USPs, cost effectiveness etc. of our products. Please drop in your questions here.

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