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Technical Services

At Ecorex, Technical Services are initiated to deliver more value to the recipient at no extra cost. Our skill development programmes for masons to help them upgrade their skills and keep pace with latest trends in Construction, Onsite Survey to determine the amount of construction material and keep wastage at bay and Doorstep Delivery like services result in an effective output to our customers.

Demonstration Of Application

Our team of experts give you complete demonstration on application of all the products.

Onsite Survey

We conduct on-site survey to determine the amount of construction material. This aids in not only quantity assessment but also cost savings. Moreover, such surveys help in estimating the time of completion of the project too that is of great help to the builder.


Onsite training is the best way to develop a cohesive, effective team that works strategically to meet business goals. Ecorex offers on-site training to our masons that enable them to learn more about AAC blocks, its application method and technical literature of the product that leads to its optimal usage and thus saves on cost too.

Door Step Delivery

Another important service that we offer our customers is Doorstep Delivery that lessens their logistic requirements and all the headache of managing and transporting product. ok.

Essential Tools

Grooving Tool

This hand held tool is designed for wall chasing which is designed for routing of wire and plumbing works.

Hand Saw

This handsaw operates just like the traditional handsaws,it gives better and fast results with minimum cutting wastage.

Carbide Tipped Hand Saw

This handsaw operates just like the traditional handsaws, carbide teeth makes it lasts longer. It gives you a good stroke and cutting curves gives you longer life.

AAC Notched Bucket Trowel

This is a well-designed tool that comes in the same especially for AAC blocks, ranging 4"/6"/8". The notched teeth ensure even mortar when applied.

Right Angle Guide

This unique tool is great for marking of AAC blocks to be cut, which makes easier to mark the top and side portions at a time. The side wings approximate 8" long.

Rubber Mallet

This rubber mallet is used to position the blocks and stamp the mortar bed without damaging the material or man power